7. Short Short Hypertext Fiction

I have an idea to remix a short short I wrote last semester. The text itself is very ambiguous, so how I was going to remix it was to make it into a hypertext fiction.

I thought about creating a video, using another person’s text. But I really don’t know anything about video making, and have very little interest in it. I also thought using someone else’s text and remix into a hypertext of some sort, but then I realized that I want to work with a piece of my own. I also am mostly interested in the elements of hypertexts, especially everything to do with hyperlinks. So, I fleshed out the short short and hypertext idea. I’m going to use hyperlinks to help give more information in some areas and make the interpretation of the text more interactive.

The purpose is to remix my short short into a hypertext fiction, which will lead to more interpretations of my text, as readers are able to take the components of the hypertext to make the experience more interactive. I want to use hyperlinks to make the path nonlinear for the reader, for certain words or phrases, to give more information about the concept. This will hopefully lead to interesting interpretations and readings of the text.

The audience for the text will be encompassing those who read fiction, mostly those who read more within the subgenres of short stories and short shorts. However, this text is aimed at readers who use digital platforms, especially those with hypertext components.

The short short hypertext fiction will incorporate visual, spatial, and linguistic modes.

After discussing with classmates, I will probably add other elements to my short short beside hyperlinks. I’m thinking about incorporating images, especially those to do with mirrors, because the piece focuses on identity issues, and the overarching metaphor is a mirror. I don’t know if I’ll do anything with audio. I might because it would probably be interesting within the text. As I said earlier, because I want to work with my own text and am obsessed with hypertexts. I’m not going to make a video or work with a text that is not my own.