(Potential) Transmedia Package Pitch

I’m still up in the air about what exactly I’m doing for the “Transmedia Package” project, but what I talked about in class was taking one of my poems that was published last year then expanding it to get a better understanding of the situations surrounding it. The poem takes place at a drive-in theater where my family went to multiple times when I was younger. One of the movies we went to see wasn’t the most child-friendly, so it took some convincing by my brother for us to be able to go.

For the three different media, I’ll be using text messages, an email, and a flyer for the drive-in theater. The text messages would be between the brother and the mom to give the audience a little more insight into the family dynamic. The email would be between the mother and the doctor. Finally, the flyer for the drive-in would provide context as of time, place, and other necessary information.

The purpose of this project would be to expand a universe, specifically one of a poem, into something larger than what is currently available. I like the idea of expanding a poem because most people take poems as is and ignore the fact that there is a whole world surrounding each one. The audience of this project would be anyone who has read the poem and wants to learn more about the dynamic between the family. If this poem would ever be taught in a class, it could be used as teaching tools to help readers understand more about the poem in general.

For this project, I’ll probably do a lot of composing of different forms of text (both email and text messages) as well as designing a poster for the theater.

The poem is available on “The Manhattanville Review” website and the other texts would be available on the internet, but I haven’t figured that out yet.