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April 24, 2018 turnerb 0

  The final project for this class is an e-portfolio.  Initially, I was pretty sure I was sure what an e-portfolio was and what work […]

13: My Portfolio

April 22, 2018 Vivian Okkerse 0

As part of Kathleen Blake Yancey’s definition of a portfolio in “Portfolio, Electronic, and the Links Between,” she states that a portfolio should showcase a […]

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Postcard Pitch

April 5, 2018 matusick 0

My transmedia package will be based off of vintage postcards. For the past few years I’ve collected old postcards that have already been written out […]

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Transmedia Package Pitch

April 5, 2018 turnerb 0

My Transmedia package will centered around the same short story that my remix was centered around.  However, this will expand the universe even deeper than […]

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My Pitch

April 5, 2018 Vivian Okkerse 0

For my transmedia project, I want to remix three texts that I created during my GO Short New Zealand trip this past winter: pictures, my […]

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My Transmedia Pitch

April 5, 2018 Emily Dilworth 0

For my transmedia project, I am going to focus on more educational nonfiction than fiction. I am currently interning with a non-profit organization called Deaf […]

10.5: My Transmedia Pitch

April 5, 2018 Sarah Adams 0

My project will be looking at songs that are considered LGBTQ “anthems,” either unofficially because they resonate among LGBTQ listeners, or officially because they directly […]