2. Pew Research Center Website Analyses

Last semester I spent a lot of time on Pew Research Center’s website for my semester project for statistics. Pew Research Center, is a non profit organization that “…provides information on social issues, public opinion, and demographic trends shaping the United States and the world” (Wikipedia). On the Pew Research Center homepage, pewresearch.org, the website emphasizes the Pew Research Center logo; the logo is black against a white background, the text large, and it is aligned to the left. The navigation bar emphasizes the menu icons in white text with a white background in contrast to the Research Areas icons which have white text with a light grey background. The menu helps narrow down your search to general subjects even allowing you to do an advanced search under Topics.

Like in hopf mentioned in their post, Pew Research Center has a simple design. The website has a basic neutral color scheme, the layout mostly white, with splashes of tan and grey, which highlights any of the black text. The website is organized, so that as you scroll down, browsing through articles, the graphs of certain articles stick out because of the more intense browns and gold coloring, which seems to be designed to draw the readers eye to those studies rather than just using large black lettering.

The organization of the website starts with the menu and the icons at the top of the page and then scrolls down through the most recent articles first, with the intent to make the most recent publications easy to find and accessible. All the elements on the homepage seem to have a left alignment. However, the alignment is not nearly as noticeable as the proximity of elements. Like bertrand and hopf both talked about the close proximity layout of websites,  the articles are all close to each other on Pew Research Center’s website, making it easier for readers to scan through and pluck out the article they want to read while also making it easy to read article after article.  This show that the website’s primary focus is to make the information easily seen and accessed, by relevance to the reader.


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