2: The Designs Behind ITX

The first thing a visitor sees when they navigate to ITX’s website is “you”. This is a popular marketing ploy, because, of course, addressing the target audience directly by pasting a giant YOU to a homepage is sure to get their attention. ITX is an Information Technology company, so their marketing goal is to be hired by other companies to build websites and apps for them, among other things.

One of the company’s biggest priorities is simplicity, and we can see that on their website. As pictured above, a bright, basic-looking graphic of a light bulb shines in a sea of dark gray, bringing attention to the simple aesthetic, and the enticing lure for customer clicks to its left. This design portrays ITX as an inspirational light for a company that’s searching for some IT help to follow and, hopefully, employ.

ITX’s design team uses muted colors to create a relaxed, trusting atmosphere. There are a few recurring shades that show up on multiple pages of the website, whether in a graphic for a blog post or just a background color: red, yellow, blue, gray, purple, and green. The hues are dusky and soft, and the recurrence makes for a unique and easily recognizable logo and advertising technique. Ease and simplicity are the most important themes ITX wants to get across, and they do that expertly with their design choices in terms of color, layout, and the composition of their recognizable rhetoric.

ITX also makes sure to keep every page on their website consistent with the others. The white bar at the top with the company logo, links to the main services pages, and contact information is at the top of every page. Without even the slightest direct contact, ITX manages to make it clear to customers that consistency is a key aspect of their work, which is a very attractive asset in the business world.

ITX’s website is organized so that the most broad information is at the very top, and the content grows more and more specific as you travel down and open other pages. This makes for a nice, smooth ride through the website’s applications.


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