7) Remix Ideas


1st idea:

I will create an interactive, hyper-text version of Molly McCully Brown’s collection of poems, choosing bits of writing from the entire collection and mapping them in interesting new ways. If the technology allows, I will create this on a background of a rough-drawn map of the Virginia State Colony, having sections of the poems occuring in the correct location of the colony (ex: dormitory, blindroom, field, chapel, and infirmary). I will also include some small sections of text from research done on the colony. The purpose of this will be to educate viewers of the human cost of forced sterilization, specifically of this one institution. The audience will be young poetry readers, as well as individuals who enjoy looking at texts and approaching problems in non-linear ways. This remix would require linguistic (poem excerpts), visual (the map of the colony), spatial (organization of excerpts in sections of the map), and gestural (in the way the movement between the excerpts makes meaning) modes of communication. I still have to experiment with this, but I may use either a website, Sway, or Genially.

2nd idea:

I will remix Molly McCully Brown’s collection of poems, “The Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded” into an educational video about the human cost of forced sterilization in the United States. The audience will be high school and college students. Due to this audience, I will need to use primarily visual (video clips and images), aural (background music and audio clips of me reading sections of the poems), and linguistic (text overlays). Spatial and gestural modes will come in during the creation, as I choose how to arrange and organize the material. The idea is to amass as many modes of expression as possible in order to have an emotional impact on viewers. I would circulate this text on YouTube. I will license it with creative commons, allow others to further remix and comment on my work.

3rd idea:

I will create a song from common domain instrumental audio tracks and various acapella singing tracks from ccMixter. The audience will be for all other ccMixter uses, since I will repost the song on the platform with a common domain license so it can be remixed and built upon by other users. This song will use aural and spatial modes of communication. The most interesting of these modes is spatial, since I plan to assemble various singing clips and, by placing them close together, create meaning from their comparisons and combinations.

Word Count: 421