7) Remix Ideas

March 6, 2018 Vicky Chatley 0

  1st idea: I will create an interactive, hyper-text version of Molly McCully Brown’s collection of poems, choosing bits of writing from the entire collection […]

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6: Creative Commons

March 1, 2018 matusick 0

I’ve had people recommend using Creative Commons to get pictures for different assignments before, but I’ve never actually used it until now. In the past […]

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6. Creative Commons

March 1, 2018 gayoso 0

I went into Creative Commons not knowing what was going on, I then saw the search bar and just assume it was another search engine […]

6: Old Art

March 1, 2018 Sarah Adams 0

I tried a number of search terms before finally settling on “impressionism” for today’s blog post. Since things that have an expired copyright are easy […]