13. E-Portofolio

April 24, 2018 Molly Aiudi 0

It wasn’t until I read Vivian’s post that I realized how complicated making my portfolio would be. Kathleen Nancy goes into the complexity of electronic […]

13: My Portfolio

April 22, 2018 Vivian Okkerse 0

As part of Kathleen Blake Yancey’s definition of a portfolio in “Portfolio, Electronic, and the Links Between,” she states that a portfolio should showcase a […]

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9. My remix project

April 3, 2018 gayoso 0

At the time of writing this my project is already done below is the video. What texts did you remix? I remixed songs which included: […]

9: A Haiku Remix

April 3, 2018 Ashleigh Tomcics 0

Below is the link to my digital remix: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u2Ato_fEf-PH9OxnzCbkYCtYmFyBAjNxMNco4LKqkyc/edit   I wanted to engage with the age-old concept of poetry and song lyrics being intersecting […]

9: My Remix

April 3, 2018 Taj Wilson 0

For my remix project, I created a compilation video to educate people on African-American hair. I initial only wanted to use clips from television shows […]

My Remix

April 3, 2018 Kiera Bertrand 0

https://www.instagram.com/dunce_cat/ For my remix, I took photos of cats from 1911 and turned them into memes. I actually found this a bit challenging because I’m […]

9: My Remix Project

April 3, 2018 Emily Gibbs 0

Here is the link to my remix: http://cyoalittlemermaid.carrd.co My remix is a choose-your-own adventure version of “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen. The final […]