7: Remix Project Ideas

Here are the three ideas I came up with for my remix project–the first one is my favorite, but I guess that the other two are slightly workable. I’m really not very good at brainstorming.

  1. A video about snowflakes
  2. Choose Your Own Adventure Shakespeare
  3. Web-text of love poetry/toasts to women

1: A video about snowflakes

The idea here would be to mock to use of “snowflake” as an insult describing liberals. I could use a simple Windows video editor to make the video. Audience members who would appreciate this video would likely be liberals who dislike the use of “snowflake” as an insult, but if any conservatives who use that term saw it, it might help them realize that the word really isn’t as effective as they think. The modes I would use would be clips of people (like Tomi Lahren) calling liberals snowflakes, screenshots of tweets doing the same thing, artistic poems appreciating the beauty of snowflakes, and excerpts from “Snowflakes” (a chapter from an 1863 book about nature). As for circulation, I don’t know where exactly I would post the video. I’m not sure I want to invite flack by posting on YouTube or something.

2: Choose Your Own Adventure Shakespeare 

The purpose here would be to point out the rather cookie-cutter formula of Shakespeare plays. I mean, I love the guy’s work, but pretty much all of it ends in marriage or mass carnage. As for my audience, I would make the game palatable to midde/high school stuents, but readers who understand Shakespeare might appreciate it more. In terms of media/mode, I found a choose-your-own-adventure maker that I could use, if that’s okay. Otherwise, I would make a website/web-text and do the same thing. I’d like all of my answers to come from different Shakespeare plays, so that I’m reusing Shakespeare quotes in a unique way. However, I don’t know which quotes I would use. I also don’t know how I would circulate the text, but the file/site would probably be easily shareable.

3: Web-text of love poems/toasts to women/songs about women

My mediocre idea here is to criticize sexism and harassment toward women. I don’t want to say my audience would be feminists, since that seems kind of like preaching to the choir–but at the same time, I’m not sure I would sway die-hard sexists with my project. I think my audience would mostly be well-meaning liberals who don’t realize how deeply-rooted sexism is. As for media, I found an old book of love poems dedicated to “the Ladys” (circa 1683), along with a weird book containing toasts to women. I think I could also use different poems and maybe even modern songs that seem innocent at first glance. I would set this up as a web-text–I think I would subtly link seemingly-harmless phrases to actual incidents of sexism or harassment that connect to them. Again, I’m not quite sure about circulation, but a web-text/site would be easy to circulate, since I can easily share the URL.


Word count: 499