13: Portfolios

For our final project, we will be creating an e-Portfolio of our work in this class. I am excited about putting this together and learning how to put all of my work in one place. However, this portfolio won’t just be a place to store work digitally. According to Kathleen Yancey, a portfolio has the ability to be many different things, including being a collection of work. She also calls portfolios a selection of different works, including a reflection, shows development and diversity, and communicates that what the reader is looking at is important (130).

For this portfolio, I will most likely use all three major projects for this class (Digital Wiki Genre, Remix, and Transmedia projects), and maybe some of the better blog posts that I have written. While I agree with Vicki that the blog posts feel like an educational piece rather than creative, that won’t stop me from including them in this portfolio. I think they should my ability to clear, concise writing and being able to explain my ideas in a compact way. I think, overall, all of these texts (the projects and some blog posts) will show a diversity in the types of texts I have created over the semester and show an improvement in writing a digital text over the course of the semester.

In the reflective text for this portfolio, I would want to talk about the work included chronologically and talk about the works through a frame of development and further understanding of digital texts. I want the reflection piece to show that I understand digital texts better after taking this class and that I learned about a variety of different texts. The development that will be shown in the reflection and the portfolio will be my development in creating digital texts that make sense and work for a specific task, and a development in understanding purpose and audience (hopefully!).

I hope that this portfolio shows a variety in digital text composition – I tried to make a variety of different texts for this projects, and how that this shows my diversity in working with digital texts. I also hope that my portfolio with communicate that I can use and make digital texts and that this is something I am good at and can continue to work on and develop.

In this e-Portfolio, I think that hypertext will contribute in the reflective piece and connecting all of the different parts of my portfolio. However, a lot of my texts can be digital word documents (besides the video of my remix project and my online timeline), so I don’t see too many hyperlinks/hypertext being needed.

I hope this portfolio will show a variety of work from throughout the semester, and if it’s organized in chronological order, it will show my development throughout the semester as a whole.

Word Count: 473

Work Cited:

Yancey, Kathleen Blake. “Portfolio, Electronic, and the Links Between.” Computers and Composition, 1996, p. 129-133.